Media release

6 December 2016

The latest state-wide crime figures from BOCSAR thankfully show that most crime categories are down. However behind this is a remarkable story of an increase in prison population, more people held in jail awaiting trial and harsher treatment of young people in the justice system.

Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“The number of young people being dealt with by youth justice conferences is down more than 21%.

“Youth justice conferencing is a holistic and reparative approach to justice, and it’s concerning to see its use declining.

“There are also sharp increases in the use of no bail court attendance notices which are up 10.7% since Labor and the Coalition’s latest attack on bail laws.

“These no bail CANs are a heavy handed response to mainly breach of bail conditions, which are contributing significantly to the large increase in prison population.

“These figures show the new bail scheme simply isn’t working and is resulting in the imposition of excessive and often arbitrary conditions on those released on bail.

“It is extraordinary that at a time when crime continues to fall, the prison population in NSW is still increasing, and Mike Baird is planning to build new private prisons.

The BOCSAR data is available here: