Media Release

8 December 2017

Community Safety must surpass the Gun Lobby

The Greens are joining with gun violence prevention advocates across Australia in calling on the Turnbull government to maintain the importation ban on the dangerous 7-shot magazine Adler repeat action shot gun.

Greens NSW MP and gun control spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“This is crunch time for Australia’s world-leading gun laws. Prime Minister Turnbull has a clear choice to either build on John Howard’s legacy or tear it down.

“For the past 20 years since the Port Arthur tragedy, gun owners and farmers have got by just fine without this dangerous new firearm. There is absolutely no need to import the Adler shotgun into Australia.

“I’m in the US at the moment looking at the gun problem and if there is one mesupstagesage that is coming through loud and clear it’s the need to ensure we don’t go down the US path of communities saturated with guns. Once that occurs it is almost impossible to come back from.

“Not only should we keep the import restriction but we must legislate in all states to prevent backyard magazine extensions of the 5 shot Adler. Currently this is only illegal in NSW,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Senator Lee Rhiannon Greens federal gun control spokesperson said: “If the Prime Minister goes weak at the knees on the Howard era gun control legacy he will be jeopardising public safety in a most dangerous way.

“Mr Turnbull and all state premiers should stare down the National pro-gun lobby and not allow the National Firearm Agreement to be watered down.

“The great strength of the National Firearm Agreement was the restrictions it placed on all rapid fire or semi-automatic weapons. Tomorrow’s meeting to decide on the Adler shotguns and Australia’s gun laws must stick with this commitment,” Senator Rhiannon said.