Premier Berejiklian must take a stand and immediately remove Ray Williams from her cabinet amid evidence of thousands of dollars in property developer donations being funnelled through the Hawkesbury Club for Liberal party campaigning.

Leaked financial records from the NSW Liberal Party indicate that thousands of dollars of illegal donations from property developers were delivered to the Liberal party through a political organisation created by Williams called the Hawkesbury Club.

Given the history of illegal developer donations received by the Liberal party, and the detailed records showing thousands of dollars from known local developers to the Hawkesbury Club, Mr Williams position as Minster is untenable.

Hills Greens Convenor Catherine Woolnough said:

“If the allegations against Ray Williams are true, it just goes to show that we need more members like The Greens in Parliament and on Council.  The Greens do not accept developer donations.” Ms Woolnough said.

Hawkesbury Greens Councillor Danielle Wheeler said:

“Any political fund like William’s Hawkesbury Club that sets a membership fee at $990, which is just $10 below the official disclosure level, already raises serious questions given the history of NSW politics.

“No one can work out why Ray Williams was elevated to the Ministry in the first place given his history of disrespectful comments about women, but surely this unhealthy experiment needs to end.

“It is insulting to the Hawkesbury community that Ray Williams calls his political fund the “The Hawkesbury Club” when his political history is littered with approving or supporting gross overdevelopment in the area” Ms Wheeler said.

Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“What will it take for the Liberal party to learn that the public is revolted by political parties that take money from property developers?.

“First it was the Free Enterprise Foundation, then it was Eight By Five and now it’s the Hawkesbury Club there seems to be no end of strategies in the Liberal party to hide the real source of their donations.

“Property developers do not donate to political parties out of the goodness of their heart, they do so expecting a return on their investment.

“The Premier’s plan to have an internal Liberal Party investigation while she continues to support Ray Williams as Minister doesn’t pass the pub test.

“This needs a full and independent investigation to work out where the money came from, who knew about it and who benefited from it.

“In the meantime, the Premier needs to show some political courage, stare down the factions in her party that keep propping up the likes of Ray Williams and clean up her front bench,” Mr Shoebridge said.