The Government’s announced changes to the CTP scheme will be reviewed against three key criteria by the Greens. Will they protect the rights of the injured, reduce insurer profits and bring down Green slip premiums?

Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

“This is a complex reform that’s hard to land. It needs to protect people’s rights if they are injured on the road, reduce insurer profits and bring down the cost of green slips.

“The reform bill must meet these three key criteria.

“The Coalition’s previous reform efforts savaged benefits and proposed an unfair statutory scheme. This new version has taken on board a lot of input from stakeholders since then.

“For many people, especially residents in Western Sydney, having a car is pretty much essential for getting around and it can’t become a middle class pleasure.

“No one thinks that an average $700 CTP premium for Sydney residents is fair to lower income motorists.

“For the last two decades insurers have been creaming off up to 20% of the scheme’s funds as pure profit, and having provisions in place to wind that back are essential for successful reform.

“Especially for people need a healthy body to do their job, such as nurses, shop assistants and construction workers, the Parliament needs to make sure if someone injures them on the roads, they will be properly looked after,” Mr Shoebridge said.