The Coalition has faced another embarrassing blow in the Land and Environment Court with a decision setting aside the approval for the redevelopment of Walsh Bay.

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald:

The proposed $210 million redevelopment of Sydney’s Walsh Bay has suffered a major blow after planning approval for the project was declared invalid because the state failed to consider the construction impact on nearby businesses.

After a two-year legal battle, the NSW Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the owner of the Simmer on the Bay restaurant at Walsh Bay, who challenged the project on the ground that it had not been lawfully approved.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

“Yet more incompetence from this government that doesn’t seem to understand its legal obligations to act decently towards people.

“This decision puts the entire Walsh Bay redevelopment back to stage 1.

“They have wasted two years, hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs and all because they didn’t know how the Planning Act works.

“Any government that is considering a major urban redevelopment needs to carefully consider what its impacts will be on the locals, and if they don’t then the Courts will judge them harshly,” Mr Shoebridge said.