A bill to end forced council amalgamations could pass the Upper House tomorrow.

The Local Government Amendment (Amalgamation Referendums) Bill would:

  • Halt all outstanding forced amalgamation proposals until local residents vote on a binding plebiscite,
  • Require plebiscites to be held in all forcibly amalgamated on whether or not to restore the previous councils, and
  • We will also be moving crucial amendments that ensure amalgamations can never happen again without being approved by a binding plebiscite of local residents.

We are quietly confident that there are the numbers for this bill to pass the Upper House and it would be great to have as many of you show your support for local democracy.

We will also be pressing our additional amendments to immediately reverse all the forced amalgamations that have occurred so far. This would immediately restore some wonderful councils like Pittwater, Gundagai, Leichhardt, Gloucester, Marrickville and Tumbarumba.

NSW Parliament sits from 10:00am tomorrow. We hope to see you there.