The Coalition’s plan to rush new shoot-to-kill police powers through Parliament today will not make us safer and instead pushes NSW closer to a police state.

It carries on a trend of laws that empower police including anti-protest, move-on and consorting laws that together endanger our civil liberties.

Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Police already have the right to use reasonable force to save a life, so there is no reason to give police additional shoot-to-kill powers.

“Laws that empower police to kill citizens are a fundamental threat to our civil liberties, so it is remarkable that these laws are being rushed through Parliament in less than a day.

“This is not a recommendation of the Coroner, who made it clear that the NSW Police already have appropriate powers.

“Shoot-to-kill powers will not make us safer, and there is no evidence it would have saved any lives during the Lindt siege.

“The key lesson from the Lindt siege it is that there is an overwhelming need within the police for good processes, timely information and quality training.

“We have serious concerns that once a terrorism declaration is made, these shoot to kill powers can be used not just against those engaged in terrorism activities, but anyone at the location.

“The law contains no independent oversight of the Police Commissioner’s decision to trigger the shoot-to-kill powers.

“The change to parole will keep people in jail who have no history or connection with terrorism or to terrorist organisations.

“These parole changes go well beyond people who are accused of terrorism or support terror organisations but extend to their friends, families and workmates.

“We live in one of the safest, most open and multicultural societies in the world and we mustn’t allow fear to divide us.” Mr Shoebridge said.