Willoughby council will tonight consider plans to let developers build buildings as tall and as large as they want in a recipe for disaster for Chatswood.

News that Liberal dominated Willoughby Council is using its last few months in office to further a proposal to remove height restrictions and floor space ratio requirements on development in Chatswood will further already heavy pressure on local infrastructure.

Chatswood and its surrounds is already suffering severe traffic congestion, appalling lack of parking with both its public transport and schools already bursting beyond capacity.

Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Traffic access and parking in this area are in meltdown, while local buses and trains are already overwhelmed so it’s extraordinary that the local council appears to be allowing developers to rewrite the planning rules to build literally whatever they like.

“Literally the only height limit they are proposing is that developers can’t go so high that an airbus will scrape its undercarriage.

“While developers chase a profit with ever higher towers in Chatswood it is ultimately the local community who will pay the price as access to services, transport and education are further limited.

“A quick glance at the Chatswood skyline show it is already dominated by imposing buildings, how much more can developers need, and how much more can the local community take?

“It would be extremely irresponsible for council to make such a radical decision just months before the local council elections.

“Critical decisions like this, that will reshape the heart of Chatswood, should await the new council that will be elected in a matter of months,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Willoughby Greens Councillor Lynne Saville said:

“If this proposal goes ahead it will result in over shadowing, and create heat-islands and wind tunnels. After the London Fire and loss of life, the increased fire risk must also be seriously considered.

“We know that school infrastructure in Chatswood is under intense strain and that Chatswood Public School is already over capacity. Despite this no funding for additional funding was provided in the State Budget.  This proposal will only make matters worse.

“I join with the local community to call on Council to refuse to remove height restrictions, and instead to prioritise community voices in the discussion about the future development of Chatswood” Ms Saville said.

Documents available here: http://edocs.willoughby.nsw.gov.au/DocumentViewer.ashx?dsi=4647888#page89