Custody statistics show Liberals and Nationals reinforcing failure

At a time when most categories of crime are falling, the ever increasing prison population in NSW is a clear indicator of a Government hamstrung by their own law and order agenda.

BOCSAR’s latest custody statistics released today show further increases in number of people in prison in NSW, a trend that has been consistent for years and which the Government has no plan to slow or stop.

 Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“The ever increasing prison population in NSW is an indictment of the lack of vision of the NSW Premier and her Government.

“Every time the Premier and Labor opposition demand tougher laws and longer sentences remember this, Aboriginal people will be the first and hardest hit by these changes.

“This data today shows a frightening future for NSW, where more and more of our population are locked up, the prospect of larger private prisons, and ongoing social harm.

“A large proportion of the adults in prison, and most of the young people, were refused bail. This is a comprehensive policy failure.

“The Coalition has been directly responsible for much of the increased prison population through severe bail laws and under-resourced courts that leave hundreds of people in jail awaiting trial.

“Pretty much the only answer the Premier has to this crisis is to build more and bigger jails. This isn’t the answer in fact it’s the very problem.

“At a time of record surplus this Government is making deliberate choices to invest in locking up people in this state, rather than working to lift them up and help them on their way” Mr Shoebridge said.

Full BOCSAR report is here: