So much of our lives are spent at work and looking for work. This is why your rights at work are a fundamental Greens’ priority.

Workers rights under constant attack

The Greens are committed to protecting penalty rates, supporting the right to strike, demanding fair workers compensation, and standing with unions against politicised Royal Commissions. We do this because our members demand that we uphold the Greens principle of social justice.

While so much of our work is opposing Liberal and Labor attacks on hard fought industrial’ rights, we can’t just be on the defensive.  So we are driving the agenda to improve working conditions. We are working with unions and our members to bring in portable long service leave, new public holidays, more secure work, a decent rate of superannuation and a fairer share of work.

Many of our members and supporters are younger workers who know firsthand how important penalty rates and workplace security are for just making ends meet. This is why fair workplace laws that give casual workers a decent wage, secure employment, regular and minimum hours of work and a strong union are essential.

If we are to deliver on the promise of a fair and just society we must continue to work together in our workplaces, communities, on the street and in parliaments to deliver on workplace rights.

Injured workers deserve fair compensation

In 2012 the Liberal National government, with the support of the Shooters and Christian Democrats, savaged the workers compensation scheme.

Over the last five years we have seen injured workers thrown onto the scrap heap, despite being seriously injured and unable to work because of their injury.

No one chooses to be injured at work, but if you are you deserve respect, fair compensation and lifetime medical support.

While we have seen some modest changes rolling back some of the savage cuts made to the scheme in 2012, the changes do not go far enough.

We will continue to work with you to restore access to a fair compensation scheme that guarantees fair benefits, a transparent process and allows injured workers to preserve their dignity.