Thousands of NSW properties may have had dangerously flammable aluminium cladding installed, but the Liberal National government’s inaction has meant not a single property has had the dangerous cladding removed.

The inaction was admitted by the Minister for Better Regulation admitted in a Budget Estimates hearing this afternoon, where it was also confirmed that the government has also identified a number of dangerous aluminium cladding building products on the market but failed to publicly release their details.

The Minister also admitted that residents in affected properties are unlikely to even be aware of the risk because building owners and strata were notified, not individual residents.

As reported by AAP:

No flammable cladding has been removed from NSW buildings that may contain the combustible material, but the government says its response to the problem has been the most comprehensive in the nation.

More than 1000 buildings may contain flammable cladding similar to the product blamed for London’s Grenfell Tower Fire that killed at least 80 people in June.

But on Monday, during a budget estimates hearing, NSW Better Regulation Minister Matthew Kean confirmed none of it had been removed.

Greens MP and Police and Emergency Services Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“This afternoon we heard from the Minister that his government has not taken a single practical step to keep NSW residents safe from highly dangerous and flammable aluminium cladding.

“Despite serious fire risks being identified, the government has done nothing more than send some letters to ensure that properties have this dangerous cladding removed.

“There are thousands of residents who would have no idea they live in a property with a fire risk because the government has sent letters to building owners and strata managers but not individual occupants.

“Sending letters isn’t going to make people’s homes safer, the government needs to take responsibility and start removing this dangerous cladding.

“It’s bad enough that not a single dangerous product has been removed from shops, but they haven’t even published a list of dangerous products that have been identified.

“This year we saw the horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London where 80 people were killed, we cannot allow a similar tragedy to occur here.” Mr Shoebridge said.