170905 Submission guide for Hills Cumberland Forest development Mirvac has a development proposal to rezone more than 28 hectares of heavily forested land adjoining the Cumberland State forest to allow for 400 apartments and 200 medium density houses.

The proposed rezoning is to allow apartment dwellings on the entire site with no protective environmental zoning for the critically endangered Blue Gum High Forest or endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest, that covers the majority of the site.

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We would encourage you to stand up for your local community and make a submission on the proposed development. To assist we’ve prepared a draft submission guide with some points you might like to raise

You can use it to make a quick submission, or as a starting point for your own. Short, personalised written submissions are often very compelling.

Draft submission guide

Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission on the proposed amendment to the Hills Local Environment Plan 2012 to facilitate medium to high density development at 55 Coonara Avenue, West Pennant Hills.

The proposal would allow for 400 high density apartments and 200 medium density houses to be built on land that is currently zoned for B7 business park use.

The great bulk of this site is covered in critically endangered Blue Gum High Forest and endangered Sydney Turpentine Ironbark Forest but no protective environmental zoning has been proposed.

The development would also destroy Powerful Owl habitats. The owls are listed as a vulnerable species in NSW. An ecological assessment of the site discovered nesting trees and roosting habitats on, and adjacent to the proposed 28 hectare development.

Not only is the proposed development environmentally damaging – it also lacks appropriate infrastructure and amenities, with the nearest public transport link more than a kilometer distant. Apart from losing treasured local bushland, neighbouring residents would also have to contend with additional traffic gridlock on local roads, especially Castle Hill Rd, as a result of the increased local population.

The bulk of this land should be rezoned as E2 for environmental conservation with strong protections for mature trees on any part of the site rezoned residential . We want this beautiful forest to be protected, not bulldozed for high-density apartments.

Send to:

The Minister for Planning:
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Hills Shire Council
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Member for Baulkham Hills:
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