Areas of high wilderness value, rainforest, old growth forests, town water catchments and habitat of threatened species should be fully protected. We work with Traditional Owners, environmentalists and activists and wildlife carers to protect our native forests for the animals that live in them, and the communities that love and care for them.

The only sustainable and sensible future is to completely end native forest logging in NSW, and manage native forests for conservation values and local recreation and tourism opportunities. Further investment in sustainable plantation timber operations will expand a growing industry, allow the local production of essential items like house frames, and create ongoing employment in the regions.

Major shifts in NSW forest policy are urgently required in order to achieve the protection of forest and wilderness resources, ecologically sustainable forest management and resolutions to ongoing community conflict. These forests are part of our shared natural heritage and deserve urgent protection.

Our petition to End Native Forest Logging is here:End Native Forest Logging and Protect forests for the future

The petition for a moratorium on land clearing after the NSW Bushfires is here: Call for a moratorium on land clearing following fires

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