Did you know that climate change isn’t even mentioned in our planning laws?

When decisions are made about what can be built where, there are a few things you’d  think are taken into account – shadowing over neighbours property, pressure on infrastructure, the impact on the planet. You’d be wrong though.

We’re about to change that.

The Greens believe in planning for people and the environment. We know that there’s no future for any of us unless we preserve and protect our planet. We know that if we don’t plan to reduce emissions, it won’t happen. The key for success is moving from statements of ambition, to actual plans for success.

We need to plan for climate change, or plan to fail.

What is our vision for planning in NSW?

It’s connected, walkable liveable neighbourhoods. Places that have the services communities need, active transport links as well as public transport, smart buildings and urban development. Many places across Sydney will increase in density, and this is ok – but it has to be smart and sustainable.

Sustainable cities have urban forest, they have street trees and green open places.

The Greens believe in planning for the environment and we’ve got three ways to achieve this in NSW:

  • To ensure that ALL planning decisions include consideration of climate change
  • To introduce mechanisms for local councils to plan for climate change
  • To set enforceable tree canopy targets for all metropolitan areas

These measures can take us beyond business as usual towards a sustainable future.

By changing how planning accounts for climate change we take real steps to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

By empowering local councils to act we ensure that every level of Government is an active player in climate action.

By setting and measuring tree canopy targets we can protect our urban forests, and put new trees into the heat sinks proliferating with urban sprawl.

The Greens have always had a key role in planning in this state. From blocking the damaging new Planning Act in 2013 right down to submissions on individual development applications.

And now we’ve got a forward thinking, practical plan to save this planet. With sustainable cities, local climate action and urban forests we’re moving from statements of ambition, to actual plans for success.