This Christmas thousands of injured workers are set to lose their workers compensation because of the savage cuts  brought in by the Liberal National government in 2012, and supported by Fred Nile and the Shooters.

No one chooses to be injured at work, but if you are you deserve respect, fair compensation and lifetime medical support.

It won’t be a very Merry Christmas for father of four Shaun Toby, or thousands of other injured workers who will lose their workers compensation payments at the end of the year.

Mr Toby has put his family home on the market in response to the news his weekly payments will be cut off on December 25.

He is among 4423 injured workers who will no longer qualify for workers compensation at the end of the year under NSW government changes to the scheme, which is now $1.5 billion in surplus.

Internal government figures NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge obtained show the average age of injured workers who face losing weekly payments after having received them for more than 13 years, is 54. The average is based on 800 injured workers who have applied for state government funding for legal costs to challenge their payments being cut.

Greens MP and Industrial Relations Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: 

“Across the state, thousands of long term injured workers are being told their workers compensation will cut off the day after Christmas.

“These are injured workers who everyone agrees can’t work because of their accident, or if they can they are never going to be able to earn anything like what they could before their injury.

“Those long term injured workers who manage to get Newstart will be forced to make at least 20 job applications a month and they know because of their injury, age and long period on compo no one will employ them.

“Many more workers will get no Commonwealth benefits because of the fact that their partner works, even in a part time job, excludes them from Newstart and Disability support payments.

“This is a recipe for demoralisation and depression. Even the government recognises this by referring these injured workers to Beyond Blue, Lifeline and the Mental Health Line.

“Unless these long-term injured workers have had an amputation or other grossly debilitating injury, the unfair 2012 reforms will see them thrown on the scrap heap.

“All over this country Liberal National governments are targeting and hurting the vulnerable and the powerless.

“No one chooses to be injured at works, but if you are you deserve respect, fair compensation and lifetime medical support.” Mr Shoebridge said said.