New analysis by the Greens shows 40 of the NSW planning minister’s 106 meetings between January and September were with for profit corporations and groups from the property industry.


Just 10 out of the minister’s 106 meeting have been with community or not for profit groups to discuss planning policy.


The property groups the minister met with have made over $4 million in payments to the federal and state arms of the Liberal Party in the past ten years.


In just one year, 2015-16 the state and federal Liberal Party received $2.5 million in payments from the property industry.



Greens spokesperson for planning David Shoebridge said.


“The property industry is funding the Liberal party so it’s little wonder that their representatives get so much access to the Planning Minister.


“The Planning Minister is meant to be there to making decisions on behalf of the people who live in NSW not the property industry that only wants to make profits from it.


“You get a sense of the problem when you realise that corporations who benefit from development get four times as many meetings as community groups.


“The figures are even worse when you realise that the millions of ordinary residents who elected this government don’t get a single meeting.


“Since 2011, property developer donations have been banned in New South Wales, but loopholes mean the payments are still flowing.


“We want to ban property developments donations completely, and hand back control over neighbourhoods to local councils and the people who elected them.


Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said


Meriton one of Australia’s largest property developers has given over $200,000 to Labor and the Liberals since the “ban” came in.


“Meriton, is run by one of the richest men in Australia and just made $1.7 billion in profit.


“This is why the Liberal, National and Labor parties represent an elite few from whom they rake in millions each year.


“The federal and state branch of the NSW Liberals received $2.5 million from the property industry in the year 2015-2016. We still don’t know how much they took in the last year.


“The Greens have a plan to clean up politics and close the loophole that is killing our democracy.


“Stopping some developer donations at a state level has just sent the money to federally registered parties.


“We need nationally consistent laws which place caps on donations, or bans on donations from for-profit entities and sectors prone to corruption like property developing.


The federally registered NSW branch of the Liberal Party has received more than $1.3 million from the property industry since the State election in 2011


“The system is rigged so property developers get what they want at the expense of the rest of us.


“We can stop our neighbourhoods being ruined to make profits for a greedy few in the property industry, but only if we stop the flow of developer donations,” Senator Rhiannon said.




  1. 40 of 106 meetings the NSW Planning Minister has had are with the property industry.


  1. In total the property related corporations he has met with have donated over $4 million to state and federal branches of the NSW Liberal party.


  1. Property developer donations have been prohibited to the state registered NSW Liberal party but there is no limit on their donations to the federally registered NSW Liberal Party.


  1. In the most recent year where there are disclosure records the property industry donated almost $2.5 million to the Liberal Party in NSW and Federally.


  1. The largest single donation to the NSW Liberal Party in 2015/16 was $300,000 from the Waratah Group a property development company owned by a coal billionaire and chaired by former Federal Liberal Minister Richard Alston.


  1. Meanwhile the state government is pushing ahead with one of the most aggressive development agendas Sydney has ever seen.


  1. The property industry is getting what it pays for.