This afternoon the NSW Liberal government voted against a Greens bill that would save thousands of injured workers from having their compensations payments cut off, the day after Christmas.

Savage cuts made by the Coalition to workers compensation in 2012 throw almost all injured workers off benefits after a maximum of 5 years.

Cruelly these changes come into effect on Boxing Day 2017 when 1700 permanently injured workers payments are cut off.

Greens MP and spokesperson for Industrial Relations and Insurance David Shoebridge says:

“These workers have gone through hell with their injuries and now the Liberal government is throwing them into poverty.

“For some injured workers, this will mean they will lose their homes end up on the streets.

“The average age of the injured workers who will lose their benefits is 55 and most have been on compensation for 10 years or more.

“These people won’t get another job, they face losing everything.

“The fact Parliament couldn’t save these people injured on the job, is just more proof of how broken politics is, Mr Shoebridge said.

Today our thoughts are with Ray, Kerry and Anthony who shared their stories here.