A fresh colonial heritage find by workers excavating at the Windsor Bridge project at Thompsons Square must lead to an immediate stop work to protect the state’s priceless heritage.

Contractors working for RMS conducting preliminary excavation and heritage assessment works for the controversial Windsor Bridge replacement project have uncovered footings of a building likely to be the Macquarie era 1820’s convict barracks at Windsor.

Evidence of the find has been obtained by the community but the Berejiklian government has placed a shroud of secrecy around the site and is refusing to release details or stop work to protect the heritage.

Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:              

“This fresh heritage find must result in an immediate stop work so that our earliest convict history is protected, not bulldozed for an unwanted bridge.

“The most recent find is clearly early colonial era brickwork and likely to be from Lachlan Macquarie’s 1820 convict barracks.

“Local heritage architect Graham Edds has viewed the photos and joined the call for a stop work to ensure the heritage is protected

“From the time the Windsor Bridge replacement project was announced locals and heritage experts have said this unwanted bridge project was in the wrong place.

“Despite the heritage find, the Berejiklian government has failed to tell locals what they have discovered and failed to stop the damaging machine excavation on site.

“We only have one history and this Liberal government seems keen to destroy as much of it as it can for its vanity infrastructure projects.

“We are calling on the government to immediately stop work, fully assess the heritage and urgently review the viability of the entire project,” Mr Shoebridge said.