The Liberal National government has made yet another ‘tough on terror’ announcement, aimed at appeasing right wing shock jocks rather than making our communities safer.


Attacking the rights of young people in jail, without any court oversight, is an attack on the core values of our society.

Targeting children, rather than effectively countering extremism, will likely feed it.


Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:


“The Liberal National government is using children, who are already in jail, as political pawns.


“The scale of this announcement, being delivered by a senior minister in the company of the Premier, is in stark contrast to the fact that it applies to just five children who are already in jail.


“This will put children in a scheme that subjects them to intrusive surveillance and isolation just on the say of a Corrections Officer.


“This scheme will certainly isolate children and place them under intrusive surveillance if a prison officer thinks there is a “possibility” they are a risk. This is far too low a threshold and is clearly open to abuse.


“If this scheme is to have any integrity it must be oversighted by the Supreme Court.


“This announcement of intrusive surveillance comes on top of indefinite detention laws, and changes to parole last year, they’re another step in the direction towards a police state.


“Worse still the government has not ruled out extending this regime to children as well.


“Taking away more rights from children who are already in jail, punishing them on the basis of rumour and refusing them access to courts, these are the acts of an extremist regime.


“This is not a solution to extremism and is in fact likely to feed it by creating an environment of fear, suspicion and isolation.


“NSW seems determined to lead the way in the race to strip human rights and civil liberties by a continued expansion of punitive police and prison powers.


“Terrorists want to change our way of life and tear apart the key principles of our liberal democracy, apparently so does the Berejiklian government. “ Mr Shoebridge said.