Greens MP David Shoebridge will meet with local Greens and campaigners tomorrow to talk overdevelopment, planning and profits.

Community need must be put before developer greed with the Greens campaigning against swathes of overdevelopment and unlimited building heights.

Port Stephen Greens and David Shoebridge will be at Essence on Donald at 11.30am Friday 16 March.

Greens MP and Planning David Shoebridge said:

“Port Stephens Council has an appalling record of secrecy and failing to consult properly with its community, the unlimited heights being proposed in Nelson Bay are indicative of this.

“Putting planning decisions in the hands of communities is essential if we want planning in the public interest not just for developer gain.

“We can stop our neighbourhoods being ruined to make profits for a greedy few

“Whether it is the Nelson Bay Town Centre, the Salamander Shopping Centre or the Mambo Wetlands the Greens will always put people before profits and the environment first.