The Liberal National government has directly overseen a 75% increase in the number of Aboriginal people refused bail, with calls today for all Aboriginal prisoners held on remand for non-violent offenders to be immediately released.

Whether it’s broken bail laws, excessive discretionary policing or new and harsher criminal offences, this Liberal National government has pushed NSW closer to a police state.

First Nations activists today stood in Parliament calling for the immediate release of all Aboriginal prisoners held on remand for non-violent offences and an immediate review

The number of Aboriginal people refused bail and held in jail awaiting trial has increased from 707 in March 2011 to 1237 in March 2018.

Greens MP and Aboriginal Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Aboriginal people are the most incarcerated people in the world and continue to die in custody.

“There are more Aboriginal people in NSW jails now than at the time of the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody.

“In NSW Aboriginal people are more likely to charged, more likely to be refused bail and more likely to spend time in jail than non-Aboriginal people who commit the same offence.

“Today we are calling for all Aboriginal prisoners that have been refused bail for non-violent offences to be immediately released.

“We need a radical overhaul of what can only be called a systemically racist criminal justice system.

“Every time Labor and Liberal vote together on tougher laws and longer sentences remember this, the first and harshest impact is always on First Nations peoples.” Mr Shoebridge said