Work must immediately halt on the destructive and poorly-planned Windsor Bridge replacement project given the damning findings of a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry. With construction works currently underway that will destroy Australia’s oldest town square and oldest colonial infrastructure, as well as causing deep damage to Aboriginal heritage on the river front site, it is urgent that action be taken now.

Hawkesbury Greens Councillor Danielle Wheeler said: “The local community have been sold a dummy on this project, with the Coalition government adopting an appalling process that failed basic due diligence.

“We now know, as with so many of this government’s privately constructed infrastructure projects, that a whole series of corners were cut to get this project approved in the face of local opposition.

“With no independent assurance process, no genuine alternative designs being tested and a final bridge design that leaves Windsor as flood-prone and congested as before, this is a project that is failing the Hawkesbury and North West Sydney.

“Windsor doesn’t need more heavy traffic in its centre, especially not at the cost of our heritage. What it needs is to retain the current historic bridge, and a genuine bypass that will be flood-proof and improve traffic flow on one of Sydney’s four exit routes.

Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge and Greens Planning and Heritage spokesperson said: “Local residents have been ignored for more than 5 years by our local member, Liberal MP Dominic Perrottet, who has refused to even meet with the community on the site and hear our very real concerns.

“Right now Australia’s oldest colonial infrastructure, a series of convict brick barrel drains that are more than 2 centuries old, are being covered with Styrofoam, buried and potentially shattered, underneath the construction works.

“There are Aboriginal song lines that connect the Hawkesbury through to the heart of this continent that are being severed by this project, and no regard has been given to them in the planning process.