The NSW police are trying to kill off the music festival industry by stealth

Despite winning in court Bohemian Beatfreaks has been forced to relocate to Queensland to avoid an exorbitant and mandatory user Pay Police Requirement

A court has ruled in the favour of the organisers to allow the festival to legally take place however the organiser will still have to pay the police $105,000 to have 57 police attend a small rural festival together with a series of other onerous security measures.

 Greens MP David Shoebridge and spokesperson for police said:

“By charging over $100,000 for mandatory and unnecessary policing and security measures the NSW police shut festivals down or drive them interstate.

“This is the outcome of the Berejikian government’s “expert panel” into the music festival industry, is killing it off by over policing.

“Young people have a right to a bit of fun, this includes having the opportunity to go to festivals and enjoy music with their friends.

“Shutting down festivals won’t stop young people taking drugs, it will only drive the festival scene underground where it will have no regulation.

“We can make music festivals safer for young people by removing police drug dog teams, providing amnesty bins, peer to peer support and pill testing.

“We don’t need to kill off the music festival industry by stealth with heavy handed policing, said Mr Shoebridge.