Organ harvesting report requires immediate commitments

The report from a Federal Government inquiry considering global organ trafficking has strongly asserted the need for Australia to strengthen rules around the use of plastinated bodies like the “real bodies” exhibition, to ensure that consent of body donors is firmly established. It also provides important support for moves to prohibit NSW citizens from participating in unethical organ trading while overseas.

Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“When the Real Bodies exhibition came to NSW we saw strong concerns from many in the local community about the lack of proof of consent for the bodies used in the exhibition.

“Unfortunately we found that the NSW Police were unable to intervene because the law did not provide clear enough guidance that this was an offence under NSW law.

“If your body is to be displayed publicly as part of a commercial operation consent is absolutely vital yet the proprietors have been unable and unwilling to prove that any of the persons on display ever gave their consent

“These are real bodies they are displayed in quite grotesque circumstances—some of them literally sawn down the middle and presented as a human standing and divided in two so that you can look into the internal parts of them. There are pregnant women.

“We must urgently implement the recommendations of this report to ensure any bodies brought into this country for display have fully and freely consented.

“Here in NSW we have a bill on the books to ensure residents of NSW are not able to participate in organ trafficking while overseas.

“This report provides strong support for the implementation of such a measure and we call on all parties to commit to making these changes after the March 2019 election,” Mr Shoebridge said

The complete report is here.