The kangaroo meat industry in NSW is using dangerous methods, producing unsafe meat and decimating native wildlife populations with little to no regulation by the Department of Primary Industries. The kangaroo meat industry is supplied by an aggressive state wide commercial hunt.

New data obtained from the Department of Primary Industries shows that as a result of 131 audits of kangaroo meat storage units undertaken in just two years there were 132 food safety concerns were raised.

Despite one third of the safety concerns being “major” and two being “critical” not a single penalty or formal warning was issued by the Department.

Greens MP and spokesperson for hunting David Shoebridge said:

“This data shows how the pro-hunting stance of the NSW government is being pushed with a complete lack of concern for public health.

“This data calls into question the food safety standards for the entire kangaroo meat industry.

“Kangaroos are hunted and killed in unsanitary conditions, often well out in the bush and many kilometers from the storage facilities.

“”If after being killed in unsanitary conditions, the kangaroos’ gutted carcasses are then stored in unsafe conditions, this creates a real risk to human health.

“With 132 safety concerns raised from just 131 inspections, and so many of them major or critical, it is astounding the department has not issued a single penalty or infringement notice.

“What’s the point of having standards for safe storage if the industry routinely flouts them?

“Kangaroo meat is often sold as the sustainable and healthy option, however the evidence strongly suggests it is neither,” Mr Shoebridge said.

See Table below: for the categories of “corrective action requests” for game meat storage facilities. Further images and full copies of the relevant GIPA documents available on request.