Local community group Local Democracy Matters have today issued a letter of demand to the State Government challenging the approval for the controversial stadium demolition.

Unless the Government agrees to the demand to stop the demolition, the group will be commencing legal proceedings as early as tomorrow, Tuesday 5 February 2019.

A spokesperson for Local Democracy Matters said:

“We are starting this case because members of the community are willing to stand up where the State Government has failed

“The local community is very concerned about the hundreds of millions of dollars being spent on this wasteful project, from a government that can’t even get the basic legal requirements in place

“We were hopeful our local councils would bring this challenge, but because they haven’t stepped up we are now forced to.

“We have a strong legal case to challenge the demolition, and will be demanding the Government to immediately halt the project.

“This is an important issue in the local area, and people across NSW have expressed their strong support”.

Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“The approval to destroy this stadium was improperly granted and the demolition must be stopped.

“This case has a very strong legal basis and we’re heartened to see the community taking on the Berejiklian Government.

“We will always stand with the community when they’re challenging the state government on dodgy development.

“The Berejiklian Government shouldn’t be spending the last few weeks before an election taking a wrecking ball to existing infrastructure.

“Spending billions knocking down stadiums is an extraordinarily short-sighted infrastructure policy, and we join the community in opposing it,” Mr Shoebridge said.