Today’s cross party Parliamentary report into the controversial Powerhouse move draws damning conclusions about the government’s project. It concludes the move was never about what’s good for the Powerhouse or Parramatta it was just another ugly Sydney property deal dressed up as an investment in culture.

With no final contracts signed for the Powerhouse, and a damning Parliamentary committee condemning the move, we now see two of the Government’s key projects, the Sydney Football Stadium and Powerhouse deals, in chaos as the election draws near.

Greens MP and spokesperson for planning David Shoebridge.

“The report is clear if the move goes ahead it will be a disaster for the Powerhouse and a second best option for Parramatta.

“The Powerhouse should remain and see the investment needed at Ultimo to keep it as a world class cultural institution.

“Parramatta deserves more than a dumbed down Powerhouse, it deserves a unique, world class cultural institution that reflects its own Aboriginal, colonial and multicultural heritage.

“With the Sydney Football stadium project ground down in court and the Powerhouse move being roundly condemned, two of the Berejiklian government’s key projects are in chaos only weeks away from the election.

“This government is all about destroying Sydney’s heritage to free up land in the inner city for the developer lobby.

“There never was a real business case to support this move, and what this report shows is a disastrous political assessment process designed to justify a political decision, regardless of the cost to the Powerhouse and taxpayers.

“This is an act of cultural vandalism that will cost the public $1.5 billion all designed to free up sites for developers, not to deliver what’s best for the Powerhouse.

“We need to invest in the Powerhouse where it is and open an extraordinary new museum in Parramatta that celebrates the area’s rich Aboriginal, colonial and migrant history,” Mr Shoebridge said.