The community group standing up against the wasteful stadium demolition will move the matter to the Court of Appeal to seek the intervention of that court to halt the wasteful demolition.

 A spokesperson for Local Democracy Matters said:

“Local Democracy Matters will be prosecuting the stadium demolition at 9am Monday morning in the Court of Appeal.

“The group will be seeking to have an urgent final hearing of the appeal in the week of the 11 March.

“The concern is that they will seek to get cranes on site to remove the roof or so other major structural damage.

“The government can only undertake demolition work today and Saturday, they are prohibited from doing demolition work on Sunday.

“We’ll be calling for a 24 hour community watch on site to make the public aware of any heavy machinery seeking to enter the site.

 Greens MP and Planning Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“It’s an extraordinary political decision from the Berejiklian Government to spend the last weeks before an election taking a wrecking ball to existing infrastructure.

“If the Government stands by this demolition they would halt it now and allow the election to be a referendum on the issue.

“A failure to do this suggests they know the community is not with them on this, but they want to ensure irreparable damage to the structure before they face election,” Mr Shoebridge said.