Figures obtained by NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge show that some of the wealthiest and most exclusive private schools in NSW are hoovering up millions of taxpayer funds.

Knox Grammar School which recently opened its $47 million dollar performing arts centre, charged up to $32,940 per year (plus $5,300 application, enrolment and entry fees), and received almost $4 million in State Government funding.[i]

Of the 6 elite schools data was obtained for, Cranbrook was the next highest beneficiary with $2,393,876 (2018 Per Student rate $1,249) and PLC received the most per student with $2,057,141 resulting in a per Student rate of $1,637.

Greens MP and Education Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“It is obscene that a school that has enough private wealth to build a $47 million performing arts centre, also has its hand out for almost $4 million in public funds.

“These figures confirm what we have known for some time; that far too much precious public education funding is being sucked up by wealthy private schools.

“Local public schools that accept all of those in their area are being directly impacted by schools for the super-rich taking away funding.

“We have reports from schools across the state struggling with a lack of heating, inadequate text books and aging demountables. There are countless places this money could be better spent.

“When more than nine in ten public school teachers pay for school and student supplies from their own pocket it’s impossible to justify directing State Government funding to elite private institutions so they can build another orchestra pit or aquatic centre,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Question and Answer:

[i] $3,901,777 (2018 Per Student rate $1,317)