In evidence given today in budget estimates. Minister for better regulation, Kevin Anderson formally admitted there are over 550 buildings in NSW with high-risk flammable cladding, 154 of them are high rise buildings.

When asked what the government was doing to ensure tenants in these buildings were made aware of the risk the minister said he “hoped” the owners would inform their tenants.

Greens NSW MP David Shoebridge said:

“Two years and three months after the Grenfell fire disaster there are more than 500 hundreds high-risk buildings and no funding to fix the crisis”.

“The government urgently needs to ensure all dangerous cladding is replaced and tenants living in buildings that are not yet safe are aware of unresolved risk.

“Leaving tenants to rely on the benevolence of their landlords to tell them their building has flammable cladding is negligent in the extreme and treats renters as second class citizens.

“This is a minister who is clearly out of his depth, not understanding what is happening on the ground with dangerous cladding.

“It’s time NSW moved from uninformed ministers with split and fractured accountability for building standards to a single comprehensive and well resourced building commission.

The minister also revealed that more than 4,000 building had been identified as having potential flammable cladding

“Unbelievable the minister failed to comprehend that while thousands of these buildings had been cleared many of them are likely to still retain elements of flammable and banned cladding”. Mr Shoebridge said