Today the New South Wales Upper House voted to require the ICAC to undertake a full investigation of Sports Minister John Sidoti’s property dealings and the rules in place to ensure there is no future conflict between the private interests and public duties of all Members of Parliament.

The motion (attached) put forward by Greens MP David Shoebridge and backed by the Government and Opposition directs the ICAC to consider reforms to ensure public confidence is maintained in the conflict of interest arrangements for all Members of Parliament.

This is a surrender by the government over the Sidoti saga and rightly so because anyone can see the rules aren’t working in NSW.

We need clear and unambiguous rules to stop any MPs private and public interests conflicting.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said.

“If Minister Sidoti is found not to have breached the rules then the rules are broken”.

“Members of Parliament are already paid a generous wage by the people of NSW.

“No MP’s should be moonlighting as property developers or in any other capacity that conflicts with their public duties.

“Trust in politicians is at historic lows, and it’s no wonder given the history of the NSW Parliament.

“The inquiry will look at not just whether Minister Sidoti complied with the rules but whether or not the rules are adequate to protect the public.

“We need to act decisively to earn back the trust of the public by ensuring politicians act in the public interest,” Mr Shoebridge said.

Greens MP and corruption spokesperson Jamie Parker said:

“We now need the Premier to step up and ensure the Lower House adopts this same resolution.”

“The public know what they want, they want MPs spending their time serving the public, not their private interests.

“The Greens maintain our call for an end to the damaging influence of developer dollars on NSW politics and welcome this review by the ICAC,” Mr Parker said.