The NSW police’s drug dog program resulted in only 59 successful supply prosecutions over a 12 month period.

After months of lobbying by the Greens NSW the government was forced to hand over data  showing the thousands of stip searches carried out across the state are having zero impact on the availability of illicit drugs.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

“Over a 12 month period there has been a near record number of strip searches finding very little illegal drugs and leading to a tiny amount of successful prosecutions.

“After months of lobbying the Greens NSW forced the government to hand over data that show out of 5362 strip searches conducted across the state in 2018-19, only 1816 found any illicit drugs.

Of the 11533 searches conducted after a police drug dog detection only 2757 produced any illicit drugs leading to just 59 successful prosecutions

We have heard story after story of traumatising experiences from people who’ve been strip searched across the state, many of them minors.

People are being humiliated, effectively sexually assaulted by police all as part of a program that has no impact on the supply of drugs.