The latest TAFE procurement tender will see essential curriculum planning for vocational education being outsourced. This is the outcome of years of Liberal Government cuts to vocational education which are resulting in key skills being lost, and core functions being handed over to the private sector.

Greens MP and Education Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“Removing the control of curriculum planning from TAFE teachers will reduce them to little more than trainers delivering privatised, corporatised courses.

“We need a vocational education sector that works for students and in the public interest, rather than one that is turned into a private training college.

“TAFE teachers are the experts at adjusting content to meet the needs of students and communities across NSW, a privatised centrally controlled curriculum will harm this.

“Years of budget cuts mean that TAFE’s current curriculum planning staff are so overloaded they are stretched providing course materials relevant to industry demands.

“Historically TAFE Curriculum Centres worked with teachers with expertise in the relevant vocational areas to develop teaching and learning resources, customised for the range of student needs and for commercial courses. In the restructuring of TAFE NSW this capability has been seriously damaged.

“This tender has not yet been awarded and we’re calling on the Minister to step back and work with TAFE to ensure skills, knowledge and integrity are maintained in the public system” Mr Shoebridge said.

The tender is available here: