A report released today by the Law Enforcement Misconduct Commission has found NSW Police made over 700 incorrect decisions about the administration of the NSW Child Protection Register.

These errors include failing to put 96 convicted offenders on the register, incorrectly putting 43 people on the register, removing 485 offenders early and left 144 on too long.

The NSW Police have unlawfully required people to report their personal details to police for years and wrongly charged and arrested persons for failing to comply with reporting obligations or providing false or misleading information under the Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act 2000

Key recommendations of the review include referring the COPR Act to the NSW Law Reform Commission for review and introducing the right to review a decision to place a person on the register and independent compliance auditing.

Greens MP and spokesperson for police, David Shoebridge said:

“These problems came about because the unit charged with maintaining the register was chronically under-funded for years.

“In at least one case a convicted offender was removed from the register early and within a fortnight reoffended.

“More than 250 people have had their rights seriously infringed by systemic police failures.

“The fact this unit was chronically under resource is unbelievable when you realise NSW police have had real budget increases every year for the past two decades.

“We now know that senior police were told this repeatedly, over many years, and failed to fix it.

“When will we see some serious accountability for the continued and widespread failures by senior police,

“NSW police must immediately implement the recommendations of the LECC and hold senior police officer accountable for these failures,” said Mr Shoebridge.