The NSW Liberals have once again failed ordinary home owners, pulling the Design and Building Practitioners Bill from the Parliament because they did not want to accept essential amendments.

By pulling the Bill the NSW Government is now offering precisely nothing to residents from the Mascot and Opal Towers along with thousands of other homeowners and tenants across the across the state impacted by building defects.

The crisis of confidence in the building and construction industry has seen new apartment sales in NSW collapse from a high of 27,000 units in the year to August 2015 to just 6,333 in the past 12 months.

Without a comprehensive plan to fix this crisis the NSW economy and the tens of thousands of people in employed in the construction industry face a very uncertain future.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said: 

“The Government’s Bill was never going to be a serious fix to the quality and confidence problems plaguing the construction industry, but if they had accepted the Greens and Labor amendments it would have been a real start.

“The Greens have a serious of amendments ready to be debated that would have created a single, comprehensive Building Commission in NSW to finally bring together the fractured and ineffectual regulation of industry.

“Starting with the Campbell report in 2002, there have been dozens of reports calling for the establishment of a Building Commission in NSW, it is broadly accepted across the industry as an essential reform.

“Instead of working with the Parliament to fix his inadequate Bill, Minister Anderson has taken his very broken bat and ball and sulked off home.

“Instead of opening the Bill for debate and working with Parliament to try and give it some substance the Government have instead pulled the Bill altogether.

“The government will now head into 2020 offering nothing to long suffering residents of Opal or Mascot Towers or any of the ordinary homeowners facing ruin through no fault of their own,” Mr Shoebridge said.