Today, Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge, has referred the NSW Police Commissioner to the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission as a result of his disclosures to Prime Minister Morrison about an ongoing police investigation into Minister Angus Taylor.

A copy of the referral letter is attached. Excerpt below:

There are two significant concerns that arise as a result of this. This first is that Commissioner Fuller either knew, or reasonably ought to have known, that Prime Minister Morrison and Minister Taylor were close political colleagues. Given this, it was highly inappropriate for Commissioner Fuller to be disclosing any details of the police investigation into Mr Taylor to Prime Minister Morrison other than those that were on the public record. It goes without saying that Prime Minister Morrison has a vested political interest in the police investigation failing to find any misconduct by his Minister.

The second significant concern arises from the personal relationship between Commissioner Fuller and Prime Minister Morrison and the fact that this relationship constitutes a clear conflict of interest on the part of Commissioner Fuller. This relationship includes, according to Commissioner Fuller, having been neighbours during which time Morrison would collect his rubbish bins for him. The exact nature of this relationship now appears to be contested by the two men in their very recent public debate.

NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

“No one, not the Prime Minister and not the Police Commissioner, is above the law and people in high office are expected to abide by high standards.

“We have referred this matter to the LECC because it is a genuinely independent and non-partisan body that’s job is to investigate these kinds of matters.

“When two powerful men have a private chat about an ongoing police investigation then of course questions will be asked and they need to be answered

“We cannot allow any political interference in a police investigation and both the Police Commissioner and the Prime Minister should have known better.

“I look forward to a prompt and thorough investigation of this matter by the LECC”, said Mr Shoebridge.