A NSW government inquiry dominated by the right-wing of NSW politics has recommended overturning the ban on nuclear power in NSW.

These recommendations are dangerous for our climate, dangerous for our land and water and dangerous for the state and household budgets, said Greens MP and spokesperson for energy David Shoebridge.

“Every mega watt of new nuclear power costs at least three times new fossil-fuelled power and at least six times that of solar or wind power.

“Those costs are based only on the construction and operation of nuclear power plants and entirely ignore the billions more required to decommission and manage the radiation from a nuclear power plant for hundreds of years after it closes.

“Recent history tells us clearly that even if it was given an immediate greenlight not one megawatt of nuclear power in Australia will be available until well beyond 2040.

“The effect of nuclear advocacy is to prolong the life of coal-fired power.

“Support for nuclear power in Australia is support for coal, as part of the culture wars, Tony Abbott himself has been clear about this.

“Right wing MPs use the nuclear debate to try and drive a wedge between Labor and the Unions.

“Every single nuclear power plant under construction is over budget, over time and cripplingly expensive.

“We need to shut the remaining coal fired power plants by 2030 to have any chance of dealing with climate change.

“The report poses they cling on until 2040 by which time they will be falling apart

“There is a non-nuclear future that we can deliver now, on time, on budget and with 100% renewables”, said Mr Shoebridge.