The NSW Liberal government’s announcement of a one off energy rebate for households under financial pressure due to COVID-19 does nothing in the long term to address energy poverty and the rising energy bills people are facing while they are self isolating at home

Greens MP and spokesperson for energy, David Shoebridge said: 

“Publicly owned energy without the excess charges and inflated margins would save the average customer over $200 each year while delivering renewable energy. 

“The Greens took a plan to do just this to the NSW election last year”.

Power NSW a publicly owned electricity company will generate, distribute and retail renewable energy.

“Having a non-profit public retailer will halve retail costs, saving the average customer over $200 a year.

“A return to publicly owned power generation and retail will offer electricity prices without the excess charges and inflated margins demanded by the major energy companies.

“Instead of responding to the COVID crisis with just a hand out of public funds to for-profit energy companies we should support people financially and use the opportunity to get a permanent better deal for consumers and the environment”, said Mr Shoebridge.