Make a submission on the Eden Chipmill Development Application 

Right now our forests are more valued and precious than ever – as habitat for animals, biodiversity reservoirs and places to relax and play. In this context the plan for the Eden chipmill to EXPAND operations into pallets and briquettes, while continuing to woodchip native forests MUST be opposed. 

Make a submission by 13 May by email to [email protected] 

re: Timber Optimisation Hub, Development Application (10-2020-81-1)  

Some things you might raise in your submission: 

  • This proposal will set the scene for expanding the woodchipping and exploitation of the forests of the South Coast and East Gippsland, even though this industry is known to be a financial and environmental catastrophe 
  • Approval of this project would make the needed transition to plantation forestry harder and create incentives for intensifying native forest logging – despite the Victorian move to ban this industry and the strong public opinion against its continuation 
  • The DA does not accurately reflect the air quality, noise impacts, water resources and quality and motor vehicle traffic because it only considers the chipmill sites and ignores the rest of the supply chain necessary to keeping it running 
  • The devasting impact of the summer fires mean that we should be closing the chipmill not expanding it. The impacts of native forest logging are significant and not sufficiently addressed in the application. During the devasting summer fires 80 percent of the forests available for logging in the South East were burnt and across the country an estimated one billion animals were killed. The forests must be allowed to recover. Now is not the time for expanded logging, but for a moratorium. 
  • The proposal is inconsistent with climate change mitigation strategies and will see the release of significant carbon stores into the atmosphere.