Make a submission to this inquiry and tell the Parliament that universities are more than just servants of corporations. Make a submission here by 24 July.  

The inquiry was referred by Mark Latham and is an attempt to get a NSW Parliament to adopt the position that universities are primarily economic tools.

Universities are where we make knowledge, critically interrogate the world and ask big questions. They are places that must not be controlled by economics above all else. Years of funding cuts are the major threats to our universities, and recovery from COVID demands investment in the higher education sector as a major employer, source of income, and fundamental institution in our democratic society.

Universities shouldn’t be places to make compliant workers, but places where independent thought is valued. Research within universities can be for the greater good of all of us, not just narrow corporate interest.

Rather than making universities public institutions designed to serve private business we should be looking to make them more diverse places, with equality of access, innovative research, and world quality teaching.

For us this means:

  • Free university and TAFE so that financial barriers are not an obstacle to a quality education
  • Quality teaching conditions including an end to casualization of employment and insecure employment generally
  • Support for students to be able to learn including raising youth allowance and restoring funding to improve teaching and learning conditions
  • Political activity should be supported within universities through universal student unionism
  • University campuses should be free from corporate limitation on freedom of speech, foreign governments including the Confucius Institute and private institutions like the Ramsay Centre

Make a submission using the above or your own words here by 24 July: Make a submission here. Even a couple of sentences is useful.

For the terms of reference to this inquiry see here.