Media release: Forcing them to get back to work 

All non-government parties in the NSW Parliament have succeeded today in forcing the parliament to break the Government’s planned 6 week break and get back to work on 25 August. 

The recall was supported by Labor, the Greens NSW, and all other crossbench parties. 

Greens MP David Shoebridge said: 

“At this unprecedented time when the people of NSW are facing so many new challenges, we need more not less democracy. 

“One of the most urgent tasks will be to force the release of documents detailing what the Treasurer’s office knew about political staffers in his office being paid by iCare. 

“This year the Coalition was trying, even before the pandemic, to have the least number of sitting days for any non-election year in decades.

“The Coalition does not like the Upper House sitting because they don’t control the numbers and it continues to fix broken laws and force the release of critical documents. 

“We will not allow the pandemic to be used as political cover to avoid scrutiny and accountability by the Treasurer or the Premier. 

“It’s incredible that the Berejiklian government was planning for Parliament to take a six week break right at this time.

“We’ve proven that Parliament can keep working in a socially distanced and safe manner, and it’s time for the Government to get back to work,” Mr Shoebridge said.