We share the Climate Council’s belief that the way forward is job creation in renewable energy, sustainable public and active transport, organic waste collection and residential retro-fitting.

The Greens know that we are facing an unprecedented crisis, the economic impact of COVID-19 has already led to record high levels of unemployment and increased poverty, while at the same time climate change is threatening lives, livelihoods and communities.

A large part of the solution is job creation through record levels of public investment in renewable energy and transitioning to a zero emission economy. With large scale investment in productive, sustainable infrastructure and local manufacturing we can create good, steady jobs for hundreds of thousands of people, make sure everyone has a home, while building the green infrastructure to move us to a cleaner economy and a fairer society. You can read our full plan here

The Greens are committed to the key actions in the Clean Jobs Plan as well as establishing 180,000 fresh jobs by creating new sustainable and rewarding industries and supply chains right across the economy with our Renew 2030 plan. 

At a state level the Greens NSW advocate for a Green Job Guarantee, which will create good steady jobs in residential retro-fitting and renewable energy as well as Renewable Energy Infrastructure hubs.