Response to the raise the age campaign 

The Greens NSW support raising the age of criminal responsibility. 

Our policy guides our work in this area and holds that we should raise the age of criminal responsibility to 16. We publicly support the #raisetheage campaign and our MPs around Australia have spoken out about this. The complete policy is here: 

My most recent interview on this is here. 

We do not believe that prisons are appropriate places for young people. We also recognise that punitive law and order approaches such as move-on laws, systematic strip searches and sniffer dogs which unnecessarily entangle young people in the criminal justice system.

Young Aboriginal people, homeless people, children with a disability and other vulnerable communities are more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system, and more likely to face serious penalties. 

The focus of funding should be early intervention, community support, drug and alcohol counselling and rehabilitation and crime prevention programs. We also continue to support programs which provide young people with quality public education, employment options, recreation opportunities and places to socialise.  

We will continue to work with young people, their families and advocates to challenge the unfair laws that see young people unfairly penalised, identify over-policing  and the harassment of young people through the criminal justice system. 

Read more on the work we are doing on this here.