Media release: Stealing from the poor to give to rich schools shows a failed model 

Revelations today that the public funding Catholic Schools NSW is deliberately diverted from poorer towards richer schools shows the current funding model is broken and we need to move away from public funding for private schools.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said: 

“We exposed years ago that the NSW Government gives Catholic Education NSW a lump sum of public money with almost no oversight.

“Catholic Schools NSW have opposed transparency because they want to be able to take from the poorest Catholic schools in the state and give to the richest. 

“It’s no surprise that so much of this funding is redirected to schools in the powerful Catholic Diocese of Sydney headed by the politically well connected and ultra-conservative Archbishop Fisher.

“The NSW Government has been so unwilling to require transparency from private schools including Catholic Schools that it has allowed thousands of students in poor areas to be robbed of a fair education. 

“The system where Catholic Schools in rich areas are competing against public and private schools is producing these perverse outcomes where funding is allocated based on parental wealth and not need. 

“Poor students shouldn’t be subsidising rich ones. Students in Bourke and Brewarrina are having much needed funds taken from their schools so students in Mosman and Willoughby can benefit.

“Every dollar of public education spending needs to go to where it is most needed and this starts with fully funding every public school, not subsidising elite private schools,” Mr Shoebridge said.