A Greens motion passed the Upper House today that forces the government to produce critical documents about a series of scandals involving the Premier and Treasurer. 

This includes the multi billion dollar icare scandal and two pork barrel council grants schemes that together exceed $500 million.

The motion means the Premier will have to reveal emails sent to and from her personal emails account that relate to either of these issues. The Greens agreed to an opposition amendment to extend the order to cover any secret emails that went to or from the Treasurer about the iCare scandal. 

The Premier ‘s use of this account was first revealed in this week’s ICAC hearings. 

The Premier is directly implicated in allocating funds from the tied grant round of the $255 million government Stronger Communities Grants that was used as a slush fund for the Coalition before the 2019 election.

The Premier approved a raft of council grants from the $255 million fund days before and immediately after a secret change was made to the guidelines allowing the money to be distributed. This included $90 million to Hornsby Council.

The motion will also reveal what the Premier knew and when about the scandal at the state’s workers compensation insurer that has claimed the job of the Chief Executive and the Treasurer’s Chief of Staff. 

Greens MP David Shoebridge said: 

“After this week’s ICAC hearing we now know that the Premier and other senior Ministers have been maintaining secret email accounts for off the record communications with MPs and chosen stakeholders and business interests.

“This is why we are pressing for all the emails the Premier secretly received about these scandals, and we have used the powers of the Upper House to make sure they are produced.

“The government and Premier talk about integrity but they fought this motion in the House today in a failed effort to maintain secrecy. Thankfully a majority of MPs voted for transparency.

“If there are secret channels for people to access and influence the Premier or Treasurer, then the Greens firmly believe that its Parliament’s job to shut them down,” Mr Shoebridge said