Greens welcome moves on renewables in NSW, and commit to greater action on green hydrogen 

The Greens welcome the fact that the NSW government has finally recognised the urgent need to shift to renewable energy with the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Bill.

Climate change is real and it is already causing devastating impacts through fire, floods and drought and the Greens will be pushing for more ambitious renewable targets, a clearer line to a green hydrogen economy and more protections for consumers.

The Greens will be working proactively to improve the Bill to prioritise public ownership, to guarantee local procurement and deliver a fair return for First Nations people for all projects built on their land.

Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

“This is a decent first step towards ending the climate wars, and while the Bill is far from perfect, it is the first coherent plan by the NSW Government to transition to a renewable energy market.

“It’s a simple fact that the only credible large scale investment for the energy sector is renewables and without a plan to deliver that, we will be stuck with aging, unreliable and dirty coal fired power.

“The Greens will be working proactively to amend the Bill to deliver a clearer commitment to green hydrogen, which along with battery and pumped hydro, needs to form the backbone of energy storage in NSW.

“Targeted early investment in green hydrogen is critical to rebuilding our local manufacturing base.

“We need to ensure that the investment that flows with the renewable energy boom will not only deliver green power, it will also deliver local jobs and that means inserting strong local procurement provisions in the Bill.

“The Illawarra for example is well placed to create the steel needed for renewable infrastructure as well as deliver good steady jobs in manufacturing.

“We know that every infrastructure project built after this Bill will be built on First Nations land.

“Economic empowerment for traditional owners and First Nations communities is a key priority for the Greens in negotiating amendments to the Bill and we look forward to a co-operative response from the government.

“This Bill is far from perfect with its unblinking push towards more private investment. We know that the shift to 100% renewables is best achieved quickly and fairly by transitioning to 100 percent publicly owned energy.

“The Greens will be seeking to amend the government Bill to ensure where possible renewable energy is publicly owned, and the materials required to build the infrastructure are manufactured locally.

“The solution to the climate crisis must be one that leaves no worker or community behind and deals with climate and equity together,” said Mr Shoebridge.