Government stalls urgent reform to icare tendering processes.  

The government is holding up urgent reform to clean up the icare tendering scandal by  filibustering debate on the Public Works and Procurement Amendment (Workers Compensation Nominal Insurer) Bill 2020 in the Legislative Assembly today.

The Greens Bill would have closed the loophole that exempts icare from the normal integrity rules that apply to public sector tenders. Currently icare manages $38 billion of funds across four main statutory insurance schemes.

This much needed reform followed disturbing revelations about icare awarding hundreds of millions of dollars of tenders without proper tender processes including contracts for a $360 million IT upgrade and to determine multi million dollar executive bonuses.

Greens MP and Justice spokesperson David Shoebridge said: 

“This remains an essential reform so that money set aside for injured workers goes to them, rather than the family and mates of icare executives and board members

“This from a government that has seen scandal after scandal from council rorts to icare and ICAC and is still refusing to support basic integrity measures, Mr Shoebridge said.

The Bill was introduced by Greens MP and member for Newtown Jenny Leong who said:

“The government admitted they were trying to drag the debate out to avoid voting on it today.

“People’s lives have been ruined by a workers comp system that awards millions in bonuses and salaries to executives and denies injured workers the care and support they need to live with dignity.

The arrogance of the Liberals, treating this Greens Bill and those workers like an annoyance, using delay tactics and avoiding a vote, is another example of how out of touch they are with the lives of people in our community, said Ms Leong.