Media Release: Greens push to establish the Illawarra as a renewable energy zone. 

The Illawarra must be included as a key renewable energy zone in the Electricity Infrastructure Investment  legislation that is being debated in the NSW Parliament this week, say the Greens. 

With the Illawarra’s enormous potential for pumped hydro, green hydrogen, green steel and renewable manufacturing, the Greens will be moving amendments to ensure the region benefits from the manufacturing and jobs opportunities provided by the shift to renewable energy.

Greens MP and Energy Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: 

“The Greens will be pushing to have the Illawarra included as a renewable energy zone that recognises its opportunities to deliver pumped hydro, green hydrogen, green steel and renewable manufacturing.

“We can’t let this opportunity pass for critical investment in future carbon neutral industries and the long term sustainable jobs that come with them as we come together to tackle climate change.

“We know there is potential for pumped hydro in the Illawarra and that this can provide critical energy storage while respecting the environment and First Nations peoples.

“We will also seek to include an explicit reference to Australian steel which of course is hugely relevant to the Illawarra. 

“The Illawarra is well placed to create the green steel needed for renewable infrastructure as well as deliver good steady jobs in manufacturing that comes with this massive investment in renewables”, said Mr Shoebridge. 

Wollongong City Greens Councillor Cath Blakey said:

“The Greens welcome the fact that the NSW government has finally recognised the urgent need to shift to renewable energy with the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Bill

“This is the perfect opportunity to create jobs, boost the local economy and transition to renewable energy.

“On the ground people are excited by the opportunities this move to renewables brings.

“With its highly skilled workforce, strong existing infrastructure and proven research and design capacities, the Illawarra is uniquely placed to benefit from the move to renewables, provided we are given the chance,” said Ms Blakey.