Despite the stunt by Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and the Shooters that saw a marathon Parliament sitting that went for over 3 days, the Electricity Infrastructure Investment Bill has passed the Upper House.

The Greens, Labor and the government all came together to make sure the delaying tactics from a tiny minority of right wing MPs did stop the much needed changes we need to kick start the renewable revolution.

Greens MP and spokesperson for Energy David Shoebridge said: 

“The last three days of ‘debate’ was a slightly tragic effort from a political party desperately fighting against the tide of history. 

“This was a failed effort at martyrdom by Pauline Hanson’s representatives who desperately wanted the house to cut short the debate to create a political point. Instead the House let Mark Latham run and he just slowly deflated over two days of debate. 

“Despite the utterly pointless stunt by PHON that saw not a single one of their proposed amendments pass, the changes in the law needed to kick start the renewable energy revolution have now passed.

“Greens amendments delivered a huge win for green hydrogen, First Nations communities, jobs and the climate. 

“Climate change is real, it is already impacting lives and livelihoods and communities and these changes have now set out a path to address it.

“This is an important step towards ending the climate wars, and while the Bill is far from perfect, it is the first coherent plan by the NSW Government to transition to a renewable energy market.

“It’s a win that unions, environmentalists, First Nations communities and industry can all celebrate,” said Mr Shoebridge.