Following a forensic document recovery process that revealed the Premier’s central role in the $252 million council grants rorts scheme, the Premier now admits to pork barrelling. Her novel and remarkable ‘defence’ is that everyone does it. 

This is an extraordinary admission from the Premier which shows the level of arrogance and contempt for the people of NSW at the heart of the Coalition government.

This is public money, meant to be spent where it was most needed not where it is most politically advantageous for the Coalition government. 

Greens MP and Chair of Public Accountability Committee, said:

“The documents prove in black and white that the Premier played a central role in the  $252 million council grants scandal.

“The Premier has been ducking and weaving all year, trying to avoid responsibility for her role in the funnelling of public money into Coalition held seats in the lead up to the 2019 state election. 

“Once we finally forced her office to recover the shredded documents the Premier’s response to it all is that it’s not illegal and everyone does it. 

“This is the attitude of a government that has lost touch with the public mood.

“The people of NSW expect public money to be spent according to need, not to make sure the Premier and her party get re-elected. 

“This whole dodgy scheme has been referred to ICAC and they are best placed to make a final judgement on whether or not this disgraced grants scheme fits the definition of corrupt conduct.

“If pork barrelling is not illegal, it should be, and this is an outcome the Greens at least will continue to press for,” said Mr Shoebridge.